Receive Direct Health Care Online


Health monitoring tool to record and synchronise your various health parameters, calculate your health score and provide practical advice on how maintain and improve your health.

 New preventive tool which helps to transform Sick Care into Health Care.

Healthcare at your fingertips – quick, accessible and simple.



Precision medicine

  • Synchronise and monitor your health with one control panel using our Diagnosis Board and record your blood, glucose, cholesterol and fitness levels with devices that help you reach your peak health.
  • View and monitor your health records daily, anytime and anywhere, through our private and secure app.
  • Immediate results accessible to you, your doctor and your medical team, with notification alerts sent to both you and your doctor.
  • Data and results are automatically stored in our secure database.
  • Medical overview of your health using a quick and easy to use monitoring of your up-to-date health status.

  • BP, weight, scale, glucose, fitness and sleep monitoring
  • Compatible with most medical and fitness devices available on Amazon or eBay stores

Monitoring sends instant test results and receives real-time results and medical notes always available to you or your doctor.

i-Share Health. Immediately share and notify your doctor, family or friends with your medical health records and results.  Results are live and sent straight to you and your GP so you can receive immediate feedback.  

Wellness & Lifestyle

Integrate your health and fitness devices and create a comprehensive diagnostic plan to help improve your condition, maintain your health and monitor changes daily.

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Calculates a reliable health score based on your recorded data stored this on the App.

Provides you with a daily updates on your health status, your condition, any allergies, daily BMI advice compared with ideal BMI for your age, specifically to help you become healthier and improve your lifestyle.

Healthcare plan

Create a healthcare plan based on  your goals to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve your health and your ability to fight off illness, cope with depression and improve your overall quality of life, plus prevent development of long term complications.

My Lifestyle

Your Health Score is calculated using your vital health indicators and your medical information correlated with your physical activity level and other activities.  Reviewing your Health Score on daily basis will help you to stay focused and motivated to continually improve your health and fitness.

Receive dietary and lifestyle tips prepared for you by a Registered Dietitian, member of the British Dietetic Association.

Monitor your health score based on your lifestyle parameters, level of fitness, sleep and health indicators synchronised to provide timely and practical well-being advice.

→ NFC Chip Implant

→ RFID Card with instant access to records

NFC (Near Field Communication-NFC) chip will provide lifesaving assistance in cases of emergency, as medics and doctors will be able to instantly access your medical records through the NHS GP system. This is especially valuable is the patient is unable to communicate their symptoms.

Instant access to your medical records can save your life.

  • NFC chip holds personally selected Electronic Health Records, which can be instantly accessed 24/7 by a GP or paramedic in cases of emergency or when patients are unable to communicate themselves.

You can choose to store your selected medical data, either in a small chip, NFC (Near Field Communication), which is usually implanted under the skin on your arm, or a plastic card RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which is placed in a wristband for you to wear.

Patient Doctors Portal – medical records access

  • Keep your medical records in a secure log-in and password protected patient and doctor portal. Your GP can share and directly discuss your results with you.
  • With your permission, doctors may obtain a second opinion by sharing your results with other consultants.
  • In the future, the portal will be expanded to connect to many service providers worldwide: patients will be able to have medical tests, such as an ultrasound, and then have it sent to doctors in speciality medical centres of their choice around the world.
  • A later stage of the project will be to add Voice Commands Function to access all of the app features.

Records Storage

  • Have your whole medical history securely stored in one place. You will be in control of your own medical records, so you can be sure that nothing will get lost or misplaced. No more missing medical records!
  • With your permission, different doctors will be able to promptly access your medical history and quickly offer you accurate advice.
  • Use this app to easily share data between any individuals of your choice, doctors, medical team, service providers and family and friends.