Odds Converter – Convert Betting Odds

29 October 2019

Odds Converter – Convert Betting Odds

Fractional Odds

(Also known as British or Traditional )
Used mainly in the UK and in horse racing. Becoming less popular online.
If you win your bets tell you that the quantity of profit proportional to your bet.
If you win, for instance, if you bet # 10 at odds of 3/1, you get # 30 profit.
Decimal Odds
(Also known as European)
Common around the world but especially in Europe. On betting exchanges such as Betfair standard.
Convey the amount you will get if you win, including the yield of your stake.
For instance, if you gamble #10 at chances of 3.75, you will receive #37.50 in complete if you win.
Moneyline Odds
(Also known as American)
Used by most US bookmakers.
According to a straight single wager (on a single outcome, with no points spread)
The amount is the amount you would win on a wager, In case the moneyline is positive.
If it’s negative, the amount quoted is what you would have to bet to win $100.

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