NASCAR Sprint Cup Kansas Price Chopper 400: Las Vegas Odds To Win and Picks

29 October 2019

NASCAR Sprint Cup Kansas Price Chopper 400: Las Vegas Odds To Win and Picks

Every week the Las Vegas Hilton Superbook posts Chances on the NASCAR Sprint Cup races.

And every week they stick with the solid favorites and do not deviate much in their numbers. Jimmie Johnson is nearly always the favorite as he is this week at 7-2 chances to win. Kyle Busch and Jeff Gordon are listed at 7-1 chances to win which is also consistent from week to week. Gordon has not won a race over a year and he is listed as instant favorite every week.

Why is Gordon listed as a second favorite weekly? Betting in Las Vegas is all about the public. The people bets Gordon every week and consequently is always listed at short odds. Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson’s odds are logical but there are a number of legitimate driver to find at a fantastic price.

Kansas Price Chopper 400 Will Not Be Normal Cookie Cutter Race

The Kansas Price Chopper 400 is the third race in the NASCAR Chase and already many NASCAR prognosticators are devoting the NASCAR championship to Jimmie Johnson. There are plenty of drivers in contention now and one win by Jimmie Johnson in the second week of the NASCAR Chase is going to create a great deal of difference.

Kansas Speedway is a Exceptional speedway from the NASCAR Chase. The comparatively minor banking of 14 percent lends itself to different styles and better racing compared to the large banked mile and a half cookie cutter tracks featured in the NASCAR Chase. Passengers with guts and auto control will do well on a track which allows drivers drive deep into the corners and return to the throttle fast.

Some Driver Odds Made Some Interesting Movements in Kansas Price Chopper 400

Some of the intriguing price changes for your Kansas Price Chopper 400 were related to performances from last week at Dover for the Dover AAA 400. AJ Allmendinger went out of a 200-1 shot a couple of weeks back into some 30-1 to win this weekend. Another interesting odds move was Dale Earnhardt Jr inflating to 75-1 to acquire the Kansas Price Chopper 400. The subsequent three motorists and a single long shot are favorites to bring home the hardware from the Kansas Price Chopper 400.

Tony Stewart 12-1

Tony Stewart is the defending race winner of the Kansas Price Chopper 400 and he must have some good notes from this race from last year. Stewart’s back it in sprint car fashion ought to play well here in Kansas. The sole problem relating to Stewart is the weather will only be 60 levels. Tony Stewart is the best bet to acquire Kansas Price Chopper 400 in 12-1.

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